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Installation Instructional Video

Installation can be completed by anyone with a screwdriver, wrench and drill. For easy installation, the fairing is specifically designed to utilize the 5 existing mounting locations on the factory bracket while retaining the original headlight. As long as the original bracket is not bent, installation should only take 20-40 minutes.

Detailed Instructions

Interior Finish

The RF-1 comes in gloss black gel-coat ready for prep and paint. However, it can be used as is. If paint is desired, it is recommended that it be done AFTER mounting holes are drilled and then removed from the bike. This will minimize the risk of damage during the installation and drilling process.

If you want to match the factory finish on your RF-1, it is easy to spray paint the interior black before installation.

Fairing Internal Finish - 1

This is an RF-1 with the interior spray painted black.

Fairing Internal Finish - 2


* All Original Hardware Will Be Reused.

  1. - Wire clippers or sharp knife
  2. - 14mm wrench
  3. - 12mm wrench
  4. - #2 phillips screwdriver
  5. - Drill
  6. - 7/16 inch or 11mm drill bit
  7. - 1/4 inch or 7mm drill bit
  8. - 2 zip ties Tools

Fairing Removal

  1. Using a 14mm wrench, remove the nuts inside the fairing that attach the front turn signals. You can move the handlebars left or right for clearance to gain access to these nuts and unplug the 2 wires for each of the front turn signals. Fairing Removal - Step 1
  2. Use a #2 phillips head screwdriver to remove the fairing screw under the headlight. Fairing Removal - Step 2
  3. Locate the screws above the front turn signals and use a #2 phillips head screwdriver to remove them. This will release the fairing from the headlight bracket. Fairing Removal - Step 3

Headlight Bracket Removal

* It is not necessary or recommended to remove the headlight from the bracket. It will help in alignment of the bracket and fairing later.

  1. Use the wire cutters or knife to cut the zip tie(s) that hold the wiring to the bracket. Headlight Bracket Removal - Step 1
  2. Unplug the wiring from the rear of the headlight. Headlight Bracket Removal - Step 2
  3. Bend down the wire retaining tab on the right side of the bracket. The wiring is now free. Headlight Bracket Removal - Step 3
  4. Use a 12mm wrench to remove the 2 bolts that connect the headlight bracket to the frame. This will release the bracket from the frame. Headlight Bracket Removal - Step 4

Now is a good time to get the bracket straightened if it has been damaged. If you do not have the ability to do this, bring it to a metal shop for repairs. The unit comes non-drilled to accommodate minor bends or damage in the bracket. Major damage to the bracket should be repaired before proceeding.

Drilling Mounting Holes

  1. Place the fairing on a pad of some sort face down on a table.
  2. Place the headlight bracket in the fairing. It will only fit one way. Brackets for the turn signals can be adjusted in or out to get a good fit. Drilling - Step 2
  3. Use a nail or scribe to mark the locations of the (5) mounting holes on the inside of the fairing and remove the bracket. Drilling - Step 3
  4. Use a small drill bit to drill pilot holes from the inside of the fairing at the centers of the marks.
  5. Drill out the (2) larger turn signal holes* using the 7/16 inch or 11mm drill bit from the outside of the fairing.
  6. Drill out the (3) smaller screw mounting holes* using the 1/4 inch or 7mm drill bit from the outside of the fairing.
  7. It is a good idea to assemble the components on the bench while the fairing is still off the bike to ensure alignment of the mounting holes. Fairing Removal - Step 7

* Holes can be drilled out a little larger if you have trouble getting them to line up with the bracket.


  1. Re-install the headlight mounting bracket using a 12mm wrench and the 2 original bolts. Plug in the headlight. Installation - Step 1
  2. Place the fairing on the bracket and headlight and use a #2 phillips screwdriver to install the 2 upper mounting screws leaving loose them enough to position the unit.
  3. Cut off the rubber indexing tabs off of the base of the turn signals using wire clippers or a sharp knife. Installation - Step 3
  4. Re-install the turn signals using a 14mm wrench. You may need to shift the unit around to get everything to line up. Plug in the turn signal wires.
  5. Install the last mounting screw under the headlight using a #2 phillips screwdriver and finish tightening the screws.
  6. Re-zip tie the wiring to the headlight bracket.
  7. Get ready to answer the question “What bike is that?” a thousand times!

TIP! The factory screw heads are large enough that if you need to drill out the mounting holes larger for alignment with the bracket, they should still cover. If your screws have been replaced or you drill the holes too big, you can use some washers under the screw heads.